As a successful business, you’ll already know how important your brand is. It communicates your values, reputation, trust and offer to both customers and prospects and immediately distinguishes you from the competition. Big businesses spend millions every year to develop and safeguard their brands and the same principles of brand protection apply to SMEs too.

So what does this have to do with signage? Your physical premises are as much a manifestation of your brand as they are a piece of marketing collateral. Remember, a brand is more than a logo – it is the sum of every touch point and experience that a customer or prospect has with your business. What’s more, research shows that 50% of customers learned about a business through its in-premise signage, instantly beginning that brand relationship.

Remember too that 85% of your customers live within five miles of your premises – making that shop front more important than ever for passing trade.

This means that your signage needs to correctly convey your brand and be of high quality. A shoddy, out of date, dirty or poorly placed and lit sign suggests that your business isn’t cared for. It suggests that your brand isn’t of value, and could put customers off entering the premises.

Consider instead a beautiful, well made and beautifully finished sign, with high-quality production values, perfect placement, great lighting and fantastic design. That sign is immediately visible, attractive and provides an inducement to enter the premises. It conveys your brand values and invites people through the doors!

Forward-thinking businesses will also invest in adequate signage that can be seen from various points of the premises. The sign above the front door is obvious, but you may want additional signage in windows, along walls and certainly in the reception and through key points in your office. Statistics show that additional signage leads to an increase in revenue. For example, the replacement of a wall sign with a larger one leads to a 7% revenue increase, and two new directional signs boost revenue by 9%!

A conversation with a trusted printer will help to advise on great locations for signage and a graphic designer will be able to produce the artwork for you. For a small investment, your business will suddenly look attractive, cared for, professional and, above all, a place which entices people in!

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