Expertly crafted graphic design and signage is crucial to any business. Your company’s image and reputation relies solely on that initial first glance, whether you’re in the market for a new logo, brand redesign or complete brand overhaul – here at Compass Graphics, we can help!

Sometimes signage can get overlooked, however, using professional signage and graphic design can be an integral part of establishing and starting out as a successful business. Read our handy guide below for top tips on how to elevate your brand’s image and get the very best out of using graphic design and signage for your business.

Brand Recognition

Logos are recognisable, and the first visual point of call for your brand and business. Crafting the perfect logo can be a difficult and lengthy task, and should not be taken lightly. Here at Compass Graphics, our experts listen to you before starting to carefully craft your brand’s visual elements into a fully diverse and functional logo that incorporates your company’s values and vision. Incorporating a unique and personalised design to showcase your business is what we do here at Compass, and we aim to provide an instant connection from your brand and what you offer, to the customer.

Involve everyone

The key to a happy and healthy workplace is to ensure all of your employees are on board with your brand’s vision. Keeping this in mind, when generating ideas for your new logo or brand design, why not involve your employees? After all, they’re the main driving force behind your business, so the idea that they band together to be behind the image chosen to represent your brand is nothing but positive.

Where to use your logo

It might be easy to overlook opportunities of where to place your logo. Our answer here at Compass is to splash it everywhere. As well as vans, cars, vehicles and shop-front signage, your employees are the face of your business. Employees will usually wear a uniform, so why not stitch your new and unique logo onto shirts, jackets and even umbrellas for maximum visibility. They’ll also usually be using stationary, so whether that’s laptop stickers, pens, notebooks or rulers; if they use it – brand it! The key is to get your rand and message out there to prospective customers, so make it clear, visible, and pop it on anything you can!

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