For business owners, new signage can be a large investment. But the positive impacts that quality signage brings to businesses cannot be understated. Compelling and attractive signage can improve the financial health of your business and draw in customers who are engaged with your brand.

Signage compared to other forms of advertisement

Many advertising mediums require regular payments. Even if other forms of advertising may appear cheaper on the face of it, spread out over a lifetime the fixed cost of a sign will be lower. A sign is a permanent asset, but an article in a newspaper or a post on social media is fleeting.

Visual appeal

Quite simply, visual appeal matters to customers. A sign is a reflection of your business. It will be seen by pedestrians and vehicles passing by and the opportunity for a sale is reinforced every time someone passes by, providing a strong sales opportunity. It will increase brand recognition, increase local awareness of the business, and encourage people to tell others about the business.

The impulse buy

We’ve all been in a situation where we have come across something appealing in a shop and bought it in a moment of impulse. The impulse buy is an important factor in driving up sales. Without signage, customers have little reason to visit your business, reducing the chance of an impulse buy.

Credibility and recognition

Signage can increase your credibility and recognition. Many customers search for familiarity and trust. If they have never visited your business, can you still make them feel welcome and comfortable? With the right signage, yes. A quality sign with strong branding shows that your business is credible and recognisable.

Consulting professional sign makers will go a long way with your customers and increase brand awareness. Contact us today to find out more.

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