As business owners, you have the right to decide when to spend your pounds for advertising, like purchasing a new signage. We have listed some points to help you determine the right time to get a new signage for your business.

Aligning your Signage Design with the Seasons

A good prompt for changing your business signage would be the transition between seasons. By changing your signage in line with the seasons, you keep it looking fresh and new. This can be a good advertisement for your business and will be translated into more customer returns.

The colour scheme, aesthetic and personality of the season can serve as a guide in deciding on a certain motif for your signage. You may want to choose vibrant hues in spring or you can choose to incorporate autumn leaves as background in fall.

Rebranding and Interior Decor

Once you decide that your business needs rebranding, it is also the right time to get a new signage. This will give you the opportunity to give your business more drive and give your space a different feel. Rebranding your business may include overall revamp of your interior design, but the outside is just as important as the inside since it’s the first thing that customers see. Aligning your signage with the new interior design can give your business its much-needed facelift which can attract potential customers and can also give the impression that your business is currently doing good.


During events or exhibitions, branding the space is a must. This is to show the guests what your business and brand is about. During these events, signage is a key to branding, therefore, do not hesitate to get signages that you can use specifically for that event. Why not try using temporary signages? They are light, easy to install and cost-effective.

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