While the days of the sandwich-board man wandering the streets may be behind most of us, and some of us young enough never to have encountered this form of advertising, vehicles still remain a great way to promote your business. Of course a gentle word of caution should be made that once you have your business emblazoned across the side and rear of a vehicle, the way that vehicle is driven is a representation of your business.

However vehicle graphics are a great way to continually remind the public of your existence, and if you offer a service, then what better way to tell the neighbours of your client what you are doing at their property. Virtually every one of us have approached a tradesman as the result of seeing their vehicle parked outside someone’s house, so a good design for your vehicle graphics could easily pay for itself in no time at all.

There is an interesting section on the Quotedirect insurance website regarding the benefits of vehicle graphics, and it says:

“Get a logo: The advertising benefits of having your company logo on the side of your van are obvious, but there’s another benefit you might not know about. Having your van ‘sign written’ could mean an extra 5% off your premium. Insurance underwriters see company logos as a sign that you are serious about your business and that you are ‘in it for the long run’. Both of which reduce their risk and in turn your insurance premium.”

Of course there are other ways to make your vehicle stand out and be more noticeable. Investing in vehicle graphics also includes the actual overall look of the vehicle in question, so the question of ‘livery’ and if you are going to have more than one vehicle, then a good corporate image and theme becomes essential.

However getting your vehicles looking the part is one thing, but what about your actual premises. First impressions in business are critical, and nothing says “We don’t care” louder than a scruffy sign outside your office or workshop. As a professional sign maker, Compass Graphics has seen the results at first-hand what a difference a good sign can make. Curiously that difference doesn’t apply solely to customers, but staff as well. If you show you take pride in the appearance of your company, the staff will be more inclined to as well.

Of course signs aren’t just for promoting the name of your company – there are a plethora signs you may need to use when actually at work. From ‘Caution, slippery floor’ to ‘Wet Pint’ and a host of others, it is always useful to know that whatever the requirement for the sign maker, we can supply it.

So whether it is vehicle graphics or a sign maker you need, why not give us a call at Compass Graphics and let’s see what we can come up with to help you successfully promote your business.

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Compass Graphics – sign maker and vehicle graphics

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Compass Graphics – sign maker and vehicle graphics

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