Getting your vehicle wrapped is an effective form of advertising. You may be thinking of getting your car or van wrapped to make your brand know within your local neighbourhood. Before making your final decision, here are 3 components of vehicle wrapping that you need to consider:


The first element to consider is the design. Do you already have a design? Does it represent your brand? A good wrap design should complement your vehicle, you need to consider the body lines, curves, and any possible obstructions on your vehicle. Consult a professional vehicle wrap designer to get the best results.


It is useful to know the different materials that vehicle wrap companies use. Many materials are too thick and have a tendency to lift off of the curves and edges. It may look nice right after the installation, but it will rapidly deteriorate.


Finally, you need to realise that wraps have limitations and it is impossible for every wrap to be perfect. The most important consideration in the final product is how it reflects your product to the public.

These are just three things you need to consider when deciding whether to have vehicle wraps installed. Whether you are having vehicle wraps on your car, van or trailer make sure you choose a professional installer.

If you are looking for a company to complete professional vehicle wraps for you, you don’t have to look any further! If you want to promote your company whilst on the move, vehicle graphics provides a fantastic form of free publicity, everywhere that your company goes. Compass Graphics Ltd in Bristol offer prompt and affordable design and application services, ensuring your vehicle is back on the road quickly. Compass Graphics are a specialist in producing highly specialised and effective vehicle wraps. Contact our team today!

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