Although we are in the modern age of the Internet, no one can argue that old fashioned commercial signs still rule for businesses with physical stores. An article by Entrepreneur reveals that over half of small business owners swear by the effectiveness of in-store graphics and commercial signs when it comes to attracting their customers.
Generally, an effective commercial sign should serve you three main purposes:
  • It should grab people’s attention and direct it to your business.
  • It should help people remember your business by leaving a strong and lasting visual impression.
  • It should be powerful enough to make you stand out against competitors.
But how exactly do you achieve a commercial sign that will work for your business? Here are some tips.
Vibrant colours and contrast
Colours play a pivotal role when it comes to building a trademark or brand identity for your business. Design experts suggest sticking to basic colours instead of trendy options. The combination and the contrast of the colours should also be considered. It should make the texts and graphics become easily readable.
The larger the better
Bigger commercial signs are more eye-catching, more visible even from afar, and more readable. Expert recommends at least 10 feet of letter height to have the best impact even at a 100 feet distance.
Font and graphics 
Keep it simple and visible. A person should be able to understand your business name and connect it with the graphics immediately. Refrain from using fonts that are too arty and difficult to read from afar or using images that are impossible to comprehend.
A matter of quality
Your commercial sign is almost the visual resume for your business. If it is poorly made, that says a lot about the product or the service you offer. Throw away old, faded commercial signs and replace with brand new ones. Do not use commercial signs with low-resolution graphics. Take out malfunctioning bulbs for your lighted signage.
Do you need a commercial sign for your business? 
We can help you from the design stage all the way to installation. Compass Graphics are a professional provider of vehicle graphics, window graphics, banners and commercial signs in Bristol. For free design consultation or to discuss your design requirements in detail, we encourage you to call us on 01454 317 728 or send us an email at A member of our team will get in touch with you immediately.

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