If you are in business then no doubt a mention of the words ‘advertising budget’ will likely make you wince as this is one of those necessary marketing expenditures we have to absorb in order to make our presence felt, but boy does it always seem to cost an awful lot more than we would really like to pay. Now while that is bad enough, it gets even worse when most forms of advertising only last for a few days, after which they become redundant and therefore have to be regularly renewed. We can spend many thousands of pounds a year promoting our business, convinced that the return on investment makes painful but financial sense.

However, depending on the type of business you have, there is one often overlooked area where you could invest in a form of advertising that does not need renewing every week, every year, or every five years, and that is signwriting. Whether it is for a shop front, an advertising hoarding or vehicle graphics, impressive and eye-catching graphics can have a huge impact on the amount of business you generate.

If you stop and think about how many people will see any signwriting you have had done outside your premises, or how many people will notice your vans when they are out and about, when compared to ‘traditional’ advertising, the cost of vehicle graphics or a sign outside your premises, the cost for the latter per ‘view’ is appreciably less. In other words, good graphics for the promotion of your business brand can pay tremendous dividends in the long term and really shouldn’t be dismissed based purely on your initial interpretation of cost.For a start great signwriting will tell members of the public a lot deal about your business before they have even walked in your door and met you. Surely you must have walked past the occasional shop and thought to yourself that you don’t really fancy going inside, purely and simply because it doesn’t look very appealing or inviting from the outside. Brand image, no matter how small you are, is important and can say a great deal about your business, so ideally you should seize every opportunity you can to not only get that image in front of the public, but also remind them of it on a frequent basis. This can be achieved either through having one of the better-looking shop fronts on your street, or through having instantly identifiable vans driving throughout your area of operation.

Next time you’re out and about in your car see how many company vehicles you spot, and while we certainly wouldn’t want to discourage you from keeping your eyes on the road, see for yourself which ones have effective and memorable graphics and which ones you would only be able to work out who it was when the vehicle was static. This should give you a clue to the importance of effective vehicle graphics.

Similarly, next time you are walking around in Yate, where we are based, or in Bristol itself, without making too much of a conscious effort, have a look and see if any shop fronts are more noticeable because a good sign maker and designer have been at work. Then you may be able to gain a greater understanding of the importance of our work here at Compass Graphics in yate, near Bristol, and perhaps this little exercise will give you a gentle nudge to get in contact with us to give you a quote for our signwriting and vehicle graphics services.

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