A great sign with plenty of impact is just what you need to get your business noticed on the High Street. Colour plays a significant part in just how effective that impact is, and the palette you choose can even make the difference between a potential customer coming into your shop or walking on by.

Here’s a guide on how you can make effective use of colours in your business signage to inspire and influence your customers, competitors and prospects.


Blue is commonly associated with holiday, travel and leisure firms. It evokes images of the sea, cloudless skies and summertime. Blue also traditionally means loyalty (hence the expression ‘true blue’), and reliability.


Red is said to evoke feelings of excitement, speed and energy. It’s often used for ‘sale’ notices and special deals.


Yellow is a ‘feel-good’ colour. It’s popular with the leisure industry and events companies who want to promote feelings of happiness, fun and sunshine.


Pink is rather stereotypically associated with the female gender. It’s often used to highlight any business that’s aimed primarily at a female clientele.


Green is often associated with money and financial institutions. Environmental and conservation organisations also use green in their branding, as do businesses dealing in eco-friendly products or alternative energy.


Purple is commonly thought to represent royalty and dignity. It’s a popular choice for businesses selling high-end luxury products, and for upmarket financial and educational institutions.


White is usually used by medical and pharmaceutical businesses. It’s also popular with charities, bridal shops and some technology companies. To the consumer, white says ‘purity and cleanliness are paramount here’.


The colour black is regarded as sophisticated and ‘upper class’. It portrays a feeling of gravity and authority. Black is often the brand colour of choice for high-end jewellers, funeral homes and car manufacturers.

When it comes to attracting potential customers, the right colour choice for your business signage can be crucial. Bristol and Yate sign makers, Compass Graphics can provide you with LEDs, neons and fluorescents in your chosen colour scheme. Contact us today for more information.

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