As a startup business with a brand new shop, it’s hard to know how to get people to notice you, particularly when you’ve experienced walking past other shops, unaware of what they sell because the signage just doesn’t jump out at you. Don’t be like one of those shops: have you ever considered window graphics as a way to reach out to customers? If not, you may be missing out. Here are a few benefits of purchasing window graphics for your shop business.

1. Builds your brand

By writing key information about your brand and the products you sell, customers will be drawn to your shop if there is something within your sign that takes their fancy. If they are unaware of what you sell, they will most likely walk past and shop elsewhere. Don’t be afraid to be bold and expressive to get business flowing.

2. Promotes deals

If there are any deals that you are running within your shop, promoting them outside is a fantastic way of advertising. Boards placed outside are often not taken notice of and of course get blown over in the wind, so they aren’t ideal for long-running specials.

3. Privacy

If your shop has huge windows that give you little or no privacy, window decals can provide a shield from nosy passers-by who may want to see more than just the products inside! This is especially important if your shop provides a service where clients come to you to disclose confidential information, and therefore won’t want to be seen from the busy high-street.

4. Not costly

Unlike other forms of advertising, window graphics are extremely cheap and will stay on your windows right up until you decide to remove them! This will save you advertising in local newspapers or hiring someone to run your social media, as word of mouth will spread quickly from your graphics to get your name out there.

If you would like any further information on getting your very own window graphics for your business, please contact our sign makers to discuss your options. We are based in the Bristol area and would love to hear from you.

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