Choosing the right commercial sign that will reflect your company’s vision and mission can be quite tough. It is important that the commercial sign that you will be putting up gives off the right impression as it can identify your business. With the emergence of new businesses every single day, it is important that you stand out. Aside from being attractive, commercial signs should be informative about the company’s products and/or services offered.

Here are some key points that a business owner should keep in mind when putting up a commercial sign:


A good commercial design should be simple but appealing to the consumers. This is the most important factor to consider for most of the time, consumers only spend a good few seconds looking at the sign. Making the design simple and organised will keep your audience’s attention. Another advantage is that simple designs allow your consumers to see what they want in a short amount of time.


Did you know that colours have psychology behind them? Colours affect people in more ways than we can imagine. This makes colours a crucial tool in marketing campaigns. Colours in a commercial sign can captivate your consumer’s attention or throw them off; it can also motivate or demotivate them from availing your products and/or services.

When it comes to choosing the best typography for your commercial sign, always keep in mind that the easier it is to read, the better it is for your signage. You’re trying to make the audience understand your message and the best way to display this message is if they can read it with ease.


Size and location are crucial details that one must pay attention to. Putting your commercial sign in a good location will increase the number of views your sign gets which can be converted to potential buyers. Choose the best location that fits the goal of your business. Now that you have the right location, you must now choose the appropriate size for your commercial sign. Consider the distance between the size and the viewer. This way you can choose the right size for your commercial sign.

Lastly, don’t forget that a good signage should have a call to action to your business. A strong but simple message for your potential consumers in your commercial sign will make a large difference.

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