We’re consistently reminded that we live in a digital age, but does that mean that every aspect of our personal and professional lives has to be digital? In this age of digital everything (apparently), how does print signage match up? We’ve evaluated print and digital signage in relation to four key factors to see which comes out on top.

Viewer engagement

Screens seem to dominate our lives, therefore it’s no wonder that we’re more likely to walk straight past a digital sign without paying much notice. Physical posters or banners, however, are more likely to engage viewers which means that your business, event, or message is likely to reach a wider audience.


When it comes to making edits, digital signage has the edge here. When a physical sign is printed, there is no way to make adjustments without paying extra for a new banner. Digital signs can be easily edited if mistakes are found, and will also allow for additional content to be added.

Possibility for malfunction

With digital signage, there is an increased chance that the software could crash or the system malfunctions. If this happens, viewers will be left with an uninformative and possibly blank screen which could reflect poorly on your business. As long as extensive proofing is conducted for print signage, and it’s properly installed, you can rest assured that the information presented is correct and fully functioning.

Placement Versatility

Print signage and banners can be installed pretty much anywhere, whether stuck in shop fronts, posted on vehicles, or even as a portable banner for events and exhibitions. Digital signage can only be used where a screen is available, which could be problematic if advertising at an outdoor event.


The design, printing, and installation of a physical sign or banner could be extremely cost-effective if done through a good quality sign-maker. Initial outlays for digital signage, however, requires additional software and technology, including computer or television screens for display purposes.

Both signage formats have their pros and cons, so maintaining a good balance of the two may be the key to effective advertising of your business or event, whilst reaching a wider audience.

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