How do you make your business stand out in Bristol and Yate?

The answer’s simple – by choosing the right signage. By creating a unique name and image for your business, you’ll give it a highly visible presence, catch the eye of potential customers, and raise your business to the status of a ‘brand’.

Pulling customers through your door

Your business sign is a powerful marketing tool. It’s the first impression your customers get of your business. It tells them who you are, what you offer, and where you are located. It also works for you 24/7. A smartly designed and well-placed sign will pull customers through your door. This is why your signage should never be an afterthought. You should treat it as an investment that will give you a good return in the long run.

Look at the facts!

Signage is a highly effective way of advertising, particularly in the retail sector. According to the Small Business Association, 50% of an average company’s sales is down to its signage, and 85% of these sales come from within a 5-mile radius of the company’s location. In a survey carried out by FedEx, 68% of shoppers revealed they bought a product after they’d had their attention grabbed by the retailer’s signage, while 80% reported it was the signage that drew them into a store for the first time.


High-quality signage works as a cost-effective marketing tool. It not only informs potential customers about your products and services but also creates an amazing first impression, landmarks your business, and generates a loyal customer base by converting your business into an identifiable brand.

Your signage is your best salesperson. That’s why you should invest carefully in its design and placement. Call Compass Graphics, your local sign makers in Bristol, for expert advice.

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