Do you know there are laws and legalities about signage for your business, where you might need planning permission? If it stands out from the wall, for example, or if temporary signs pose a danger to people passing by – like A boards, leaflet stands or swing signs – you’re best checking with your local council to clarify.

Your local council can advise and authorise signs in writing, without the process, if you provide photos to prove the safety aspects. Photos would be evidence to show it’s too high to cause people or traffic a problem, for example. The company providing your signage can help advise you on what will work for you, as well as what is legal.

If you need window signs, but only for one window, what options are there? Clear printed glass might be a good alternative choice. For the back office rather than the main road, use an A board, as long as it won’t hamper people passing, including prams and wheelchairs. Frontage signs above your window can highlight your business, but if it’s second floor people may not look up!

There is a lot to think about so advice can be really helpful – ask your provider, and check on other businesses in the area similar to yours.

It isn’t just outdoor signs too, but the indoor safety of visitors and clients you have to consider. If children visit, are the signs safe from prying hands or loose enough to fall over? Office signs that are secured, not just hung on, look more professional – and permanent too. People generally make unconscious snap judgements, and these can even be about your business, purely based on its signage.

Colour, shape, size, and material are other considerations, not only around safety, but image too. Research, and get an impression of other signs you see, so you can make an informed choice on the right signs to display. If you need any more signage advice, contact Compass Graphics today – we’re always happy to help you find a solution.

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