There is a very strong subliminal side to making your business the first port of call for anyone wanting to use your services or buy your products. Certainly we all need to take full advantage of any and every opportunity we have to promote our business, whether it is by pay per click advertising, utilising social media, or using an email campaign. However, all advertising and promotion does not have to be cyber-related just because everyone today seems to have a smartphone surgically attached to their hand.

Advertising can be done in a number of traditional ways that will have a more subliminal effect on potential customers, as well as having a very positive influence on existing ones. Here we are talking about such things as company signs and vehicle graphics. So what exactly are we talking about? It is the constant reminder, the subliminal mental imprinting that the continual visual reminder of a business’s existence encourages.

For local businesses, using the effective services of a sign maker can be one of the most positive moves you can make. Branding, visual imagery that is easy to recognize, is a great way of helping potential customers remember your business name. When it comes time for them to need something you are offering or selling the first thing they are likely to do is go to Google and search for a local business. Now Google doesn’t display a company logo, it only displays names, but if you have created a successful brand image your name will be more easily recognised among a page containing nine other competitors.

That person will click on your link and when your website page opens up the reader will immediately feel rewarded and confident because they will then see your brand image and company logo, reassuring them that they have come to the right place. It is at this point that your visual date-to-day vehicle graphics and shop front you have made to stand out through using a professional sign maker will begin to pay dividends. Where before you may have questioned what the point of spending extra money on smart vehicle graphics will achieve, here you have your answer.

Yes, admittedly on the odd occasion someone may spot your van, stop you and make an enquiry, or there is also the strong possibility that while they may not stop you in person, they may take down your contact details for future use. However, if that person does nothing, it is not the end of the world because they already have an image in their mind which has been placed there by effective branding. Advertising and promotion is not all about getting an instant response today, though of course that is always welcome, but sometimes you have to play a more complex long game to ensure that there will still be demand in the future for your business as well.

Why not give us a call here at Compass Graphics in Yate, Bristol and let us know what you are thinking about? We are always happy to come out and see you or give you a quote over the telephone for a sign for your business premises or vehicle graphics.

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