Business exhibitions are critical tools in company development, whether you’re well established, or just finding your feet. It’s a fantastic opportunity to increase your customer base, while also making important business connections. Every company will approach these opportunities differently, however, here are a few critical considerations to keep in mind next time you’re planning for an important exhibition.

Catch their eye

With an exhibition, first impressions count, which means great graphics and printed posters are an absolute must-have. Consulting with a professional printing company will prevent any potential errors that may be difficult to fix once printed. When it comes to banner and display design, it’s crucial to convey your brand effectively, which includes company name, logo and tagline. The aim is to convey vital information concisely and attractively to draw visitors to your exhibition booth.

Engage the audience

Eye-catching posters are great at drawing initial attention to your exhibition, however, if they have nothing to engage with, you may find that they don’t hang around too long. Including an activity, such as a quiz or game, will keep visitors engaged and interested, giving you time to effectively present your products and services.

Don’t forget the freebies.

Let’s face it, everyone loves a freebie! Every business should have a stock of free gifts to give to anyone that visits your store. Whether you opt for a pen, pencil, keyring, or even some tasty treats, these small tokens are a great way to leave visitors with a positive lasting impression of you and your business. Having your company name or logo printed on these gifts will also offer a great marketing opportunity, and will make your business memorable.

Compass Graphics offers a range of printing services for companies across Bristol and Yate. Whether you’re looking for an updated window sign, a business banner for an exhibition, or vehicle graphics that advertise your business excellently, we’re here to help. Contact the team today for more information on the products and services we provide.

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