Signage – like other marketing and business tools – can divide opinion. And it’s all too easy to find that some of the myths and misconceptions can take your signage in the wrong direction.

So here is a guide to some of the common pitfalls and mistakes for you to avoid when commissioning business signage in Bristol and Yate.

Sometimes less, is more

One of the most common misconceptions is that signage in or around commercial premises needs to pack on as much information as possible.

This is particularly true of point of sale materials, posters, banners and vehicle graphics. There is a temptation to cram on lots detail to influence and inform customers. Why not stick all those USPs on, and surround that with multiple graphics and visual focal points.

However, this can be counter productive. Signage and marketing materials that are too busy and wordy become instantly uninteresting and forgettable.

“White space” around logos and key messages can actually help draw attention to them, so uncluttered and focused wording is better and more effective for attracting potential customers.

The trick is to produce something with high visual impact, and a call to action. Give your customers a quick, high impact representation of your corporate brand, product or service. Then add a way of getting more information such as a website address.

Let your customers use their own initiative, once you have enticed them to respond.

Signs just have to look good

At the opposite end of the scale, there are occasions where sign-makers are commissioned to produce eye catching and brilliantly designed signage that serves little or no business purpose.

Just because it looks great, doesn’t make it worth spending money on.

There needs to be a clear business strategy and rationale behind the signs and graphic materials you commission. These tools need to be part of an orchestrated marketing, engagement and awareness campaign. That way, you are creating signage with a distinct business advantage, making every penny you invest work hard for you.

Compass Graphics are sign makers in Bristol and Yate who understand that signage needs to look good, but work hard. The best designs, that inform but are also able to stand out and create a reaction.

Photo: Stop Sign by Kt Ann licensed under Creative commons 2

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