Selecting the right design for your commercial signage is among the most important aspects of establishing your brand identity. Whilst the process can be quite daunting at times, keep in mind that having a well-thought through signage is a great way for your customers to recognise you.

Having the right colours for your commercial signage is an essential factor. Knowing which colours fit your brand best is very important as colours do have a way of influencing the human mind.

The Psychology Behind Colours

Various studies have shown that every colour has a specific meaning, which invokes certain feelings and emotions to every individual. That said, getting to know the psychology behind it is an important step to choosing the colours which will perfectly fit your design. Even the shade must be researched properly as it also creates a different meaning. For instance, dark red is typically associated with vigour, anger and wrath whilst light red is known to inspire thoughts of passion, desire and love.

Determine Which Ones Are The Most Effective

Take a look around the industry you operate in to get an idea which colours seem to work best. Some companies that offer high-end products typically use black in their designs as this colour is known to be prestigious, classic and bold. Meanwhile, whilst there is no science behind it, the colour red seems to stimulate appetite which is why it is often utilised in many food companies.

Everything Changes

If you’re worried about committing to the colours you have chosen, it is not uncommon to change from time to time. In fact, creating new ideas and designs is one way to show that your business is continuously evolving.
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