For business owners, new signage can be a large investment. But the positive impacts that quality signage brings to businesses cannot be understated. Compelling and attractive signage can improve the financial health of your business and draw in customers who are engaged with your brand. Signage compared to other forms of advertisement Many advertising mediums[…]

As business owners, you will be well aware that the internet enables you to reach a far bigger audience than you can with a display or a print advertisement. Despite that, in today’s highly competitive market, you simply cannot afford to ignore the benefits that physical signage can bring to your business. By designing and[…]

A great sign with plenty of impact is just what you need to get your business noticed on the High Street. Colour plays a significant part in just how effective that impact is, and the palette you choose can even make the difference between a potential customer coming into your shop or walking on by.[…]

As a successful business, you’ll already know how important your brand is. It communicates your values, reputation, trust and offer to both customers and prospects and immediately distinguishes you from the competition. Big businesses spend millions every year to develop and safeguard their brands and the same principles of brand protection apply to SMEs too.[…]

They say that first impressions count and this is particularly true of any business. The first thing that potential clients will notice when entering a business premise is its appearance and, in particular, the exterior signage. They will notice if it is shabby or new, whether it has modern typefaces and graphics or poorly rendered[…]

As a startup business with a brand new shop, it’s hard to know how to get people to notice you, particularly when you’ve experienced walking past other shops, unaware of what they sell because the signage just doesn’t jump out at you. Don’t be like one of those shops: have you ever considered window graphics[…]

Regardless of where it is situated, the primary purpose of a sign is to communicate information efficiently and effectively. Four key factors identify good signage and should be considered when designing internal or external signage: 1 – Audience – how will your target customer respond to it? 2 – Branding – your company’s name, colour[…]

All businesses must display fire safety signs by law. Our quick guide will get you started. The important thing to know is that every business premises will need to display fire safety signs. The most familiar are fire exit signs, but others are governed by two pieces of legislation: the Health and Safety (Safety Signs[…]

Keeping your signs and customers safe

Do you know there are laws and legalities about signage for your business, where you might need planning permission? If it stands out from the wall, for example, or if temporary signs pose a danger to people passing by – like A boards, leaflet stands or swing signs – you’re best checking with your local[…]

Look up and down any high street or office park, and you can see the companies that value their frontage, signage and business image. Companies with high quality, clean and professional designed signs stand out, they attract more attention and customers will feel more positive about doing business with them. Compare that to businesses with[…]