Regardless of where it is situated, the primary purpose of a sign is to communicate information efficiently and effectively. Four key factors identify good signage and should be considered when designing internal or external signage: 1 – Audience – how will your target customer respond to it? 2 – Branding – your company’s name, colour[…]

All businesses must display fire safety signs by law. Our quick guide will get you started. The important thing to know is that every business premises will need to display fire safety signs. The most familiar are fire exit signs, but others are governed by two pieces of legislation: the Health and Safety (Safety Signs[…]

Keeping your signs and customers safe

Do you know there are laws and legalities about signage for your business, where you might need planning permission? If it stands out from the wall, for example, or if temporary signs pose a danger to people passing by – like A boards, leaflet stands or swing signs – you’re best checking with your local[…]

Look up and down any high street or office park, and you can see the companies that value their frontage, signage and business image. Companies with high quality, clean and professional designed signs stand out, they attract more attention and customers will feel more positive about doing business with them. Compare that to businesses with[…]

Building and running a successful business takes a lot of time, dedication and effort. It’s not just about the products and services you deliver, of course, as maintaining any enterprise includes everything from keeping the office clean and presentable for staff and visitors alike, to carrying out regular upgrades or refits, investing in equipment and[…]

  Whatever the service you offer or whatever trade you are in, driving around in a company van with some smart and eye-catching vehicle graphics on the side and back is good for business. It puts your business name in full view of the public and works as a constant subliminal reminder both of the[…]

If you are in business then no doubt a mention of the words ‘advertising budget’ will likely make you wince as this is one of those necessary marketing expenditures we have to absorb in order to make our presence felt, but boy does it always seem to cost an awful lot more than we would[…]

It’s all about branding

There is a very strong subliminal side to making your business the first port of call for anyone wanting to use your services or buy your products. Certainly we all need to take full advantage of any and every opportunity we have to promote our business, whether it is by pay per click advertising, utilising[…]

What do you think about when considering a brand name? For most of us we immediately think of large companies that use brand names for their products that have been with us for years. Examples of this would be Coca-Cola, Mars bars, Kellogg’s cornflakes, BMW cars, etc. Now we’re not suggesting that you intend to[…]

In a recent survey it was revealed that 26% of ‘white van man’ drivers are actually self-employed. More to the point, when you think about it, the majority of these drivers are also people who are able to turn their hand to any number of trades and have an abundance of skills. The problem is,[…]