Expertly crafted graphic design and signage is crucial to any business. Your company’s image and reputation relies solely on that initial first glance, whether you’re in the market for a new logo, brand redesign or complete brand overhaul – here at Compass Graphics, we can help! Sometimes signage can get overlooked, however, using professional signage[…]

How to wow at your next exhibition

Business exhibitions are critical tools in company development, whether you’re well established, or just finding your feet. It’s a fantastic opportunity to increase your customer base, while also making important business connections. Every company will approach these opportunities differently, however, here are a few critical considerations to keep in mind next time you’re planning for[…]

Print v. Digital: Signage to suit all.

We’re consistently reminded that we live in a digital age, but does that mean that every aspect of our personal and professional lives has to be digital? In this age of digital everything (apparently), how does print signage match up? We’ve evaluated print and digital signage in relation to four key factors to see which[…]

3 Tips for top quality business banners

Banners can be used for a number of business reasons. Whether you’re looking for a temporary business sign, an advertisement for an event or special offer, or a rolling banner that can be used at important networking events, they can be a versatile and effective tool to promote your business or event to a prospective[…]

Do’s and Don’ts of vehicle graphics

To keep interest in your business consistent, and therefore profitable, it’s important to make the most of all marketing opportunities available to you. Whilst posters, leaflets, and newspaper adverts are effective, you could be missing a trick that will provide excellent advertising whilst you’re out and about. Vehicle signage is a great way to get[…]

Don’t be misled by signage myths

Signage – like other marketing and business tools – can divide opinion. And it’s all too easy to find that some of the myths and misconceptions can take your signage in the wrong direction. So here is a guide to some of the common pitfalls and mistakes for you to avoid when commissioning business signage[…]

Making your business your brand

How do you make your business stand out in Bristol and Yate? The answer’s simple – by choosing the right signage. By creating a unique name and image for your business, you’ll give it a highly visible presence, catch the eye of potential customers, and raise your business to the status of a ‘brand’. Pulling[…]

For business owners, new signage can be a large investment. But the positive impacts that quality signage brings to businesses cannot be understated. Compelling and attractive signage can improve the financial health of your business and draw in customers who are engaged with your brand. Signage compared to other forms of advertisement Many advertising mediums[…]

As business owners, you will be well aware that the internet enables you to reach a far bigger audience than you can with a display or a print advertisement. Despite that, in today’s highly competitive market, you simply cannot afford to ignore the benefits that physical signage can bring to your business. By designing and[…]

A great sign with plenty of impact is just what you need to get your business noticed on the High Street. Colour plays a significant part in just how effective that impact is, and the palette you choose can even make the difference between a potential customer coming into your shop or walking on by.[…]