In a recent survey it was revealed that 26% of ‘white van man’ drivers are actually self-employed. More to the point, when you think about it, the majority of these drivers are also people who are able to turn their hand to any number of trades and have an abundance of skills. The problem is, many are concerned that if they advertise themselves as having one specific trade, then potential clients will not ask them compass 3for help with something totally different.

However vehicle graphics can be extremely useful and it is still possible to promote yourself without ‘limiting your market appeal’. For a start, have you never been on a job where you have been asked if you also can do something else that may be different to what you are doing? Maybe you were clearing out a garden and were asked if you also do decoration? Perhaps you were delivering some items and were asked if you do light furniture removals?

So how do you drum up extra business and get people to write down your number, or even ring you direct the moment they see the vehicle graphics on you van? Well, does your van have to promote you as anything other than a jack of all trades? Surely it is better for people to notice your white van rather than lump it in as ‘just another white van’. Individuality and standing out from the crowd matters. What’s wrong with “Whatever you want doing, we can do it” and have someone juggling a piece of furniture, a paint brush, a lawnmower, etc.

Then there is the other extreme, where you have a trade and you want to let people know that you exist when you are out and about. However you also want these people to remember you and to get the impression you are slightly different (and therefore better) than all the others. Once again a little bit of humour, in good taste, can work wonders.

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Compass graphics for vehicle graphics Bristol                              and sign maker Bristol

It would also surprise you just how much advertising you do for your business when out and about, so it pays to have a memorable vehicle with the right promotion on it. In addition, if you live in a community then people you don’t know are still going to spot and recognise your vehicle after a while. That means when they need your services, they are going to be able to ask their friends if the person with the funny van is good at what they do. If you have a plain white van they will have no idea what you do, so they are not going to ask anyone about you, and that can cost you potential business.

The final question to ask you is do you know how much it costs to get vehicle graphics done? We bet you’ve thought about it but dismissed the idea because you can’t afford it or you think it will cost too much. Well we think you might be quite surprised, so why not get in touch or come and see us at our premises in Yate, Bristol and let’s see what we can come up with design-wise. It’s always easier to make a decision when you are armed with all the information.

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