In case you are still having second thoughts, commercial signs play a crucial role in the success of your business. These colourful visual cues effectively attract potential customers from afar, promote your products and services and provide specific instructions without even saying a word.

This is why every retailer and business owner should take advantage of compelling commercial signs. Here are some types of signage that you can use.

Outdoor commercial signs

This is the first thing your customers see. Outdoor signs introduce the name of your business and what you offer. They should be large, visible and eye-catching. Along with distinct but readable typography, your outdoor commercial signs can also be accompanied by an attractive graphic that will attract customers. That being said, investing in high-quality back-lit commercial signs is definitely worthwhile as they are highly visible to customers and passers-by even in the evening.

Informative signs

This type of signage is more of a necessity. They help give visual directions and instructions to your customers. Informative or informational signage includes bathroom, ATM and self-service signs. This type of sign should be specific, clear and straightforward to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Persuasive signage

Persuasive signage is frequently used to announce all types of sales, discounts and other limited-time offer promotions. They are a brilliant visual cue that impacts a customer’s buying behaviour significantly. A perfect example of persuasive signage is the red “END OF SEASON SALE” window signage we see on storefronts.

Sign makers Bristol

Work with the finest sign makers in Bristol and reap the benefits of commercial signage. Compass Graphics are a trusted name in the commercial sign industry. We have a remarkable team that will assist you from the design process to production and installation. Aside from commercial signage, we also offer high-quality vehicle graphics, banners, posters and window graphics.

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