A storefront sign gives your shop a good impression. Most often than not, when you have an eye-catching signage, customers will be enticed to go to your store to check out what your brand can offer. Your signage is very important because it is one of the first things that customers can see. Thus, it is important that your signage clearly reflects your brand, product or services.

Depending on your type of business, there are actually various kinds of storefront signs you can choose from. If you’re contemplating on putting up a new store sign for your shop, here are some of the types you can choose from:

1.    Plywood 

This type of storefront sign is one of the most affordable. It is simple yet elegant. You can choose from different kinds of wood and the total cost will depend on that. Bear in mind that these signs are subject to weather damage, and may need to be replaced frequently.

If you want to give your store a rustic feel, then this signage might be the perfect one. It can also work for upscale retailers looking to give their business a bespoke look or boutiques going for a rustic theme.

2.    Fabric

This type is colorful and unique. It also costs a little compared to the other types of storefront sign. However, it also requires more upkeep and replacement. Fabric signs are an extremely popular option because of their versatility, so any type of business can use them. They can be as simple as a banner for food kiosks or built into framed lightboxes for larger retail stores. The lightbox makes it easy for customers to read your store name at night.

3.    Painted Glass

You can show off your artistic side in this kind of storefront signage. You can use your store’s window to paint the name of your shop or restaurant. This is quite catchy for those passing by, but it might not be too visible if you are standing far from the store since the sun’s glare lessens the visibility of your design.

4.    Punched Metal Signboard

This type is also known as the laser cut sign. The punched metal signboard is durable and weather-resistant. It also offers either a clean and modern feel or a run-down and more historic flavour. Depending on design, punched metal sign boards can be used by businesses that want a sleek modern feel or a retro storefront display.

5.    Metal Logo and Lettering

This three-dimensional storefront sign is excellent looking. Its shadow effect definitely adds textures and interest.

6.    Metal

This kind of storefront sign is eye-catching and definitely looks very professional. It is more expensive than the others but it can surely work well in different locations.

7.    Awning sign

These offer the option of providing shade for your business, shelter for your customers in bad weather, and attractive signage. They are also built to last in weather, making them a great long term choice. Because of their design, you can also put your business name on the front and sides of the awning which increases visibility.

8.    Rock

This is a very durable kind of storefront sign. It handles weather conditions well over long periods of time. These signs are heavy, permanent, and provide a sleek look for businesses.

9.    Glass Tube Light

Popularly known as LED signs, the glass tube light type is highly appealing and will surely attract customers to your shop. Upkeep can be expensive so keep this in mind before purchasing. These lights are made of glass and can be easily damaged by bad weather which will lead to expensive repairs. Businesses that operate well into the night, such as bars or clubs, will benefit from glass tube light signs.

If you have decided on what type of storefront sign you want to put on your shop, you can contact signmakers in your area and ask for a quote. Or, if you are living around Bristol, look for Bristol sign makers to help you determine which one is suitable for your business and your budget.

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